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Negotiate your salary with the help of SalaryPOP - the simplest, most effective way to articulate your value to your employer, communicate your desired salary, and justify a pay raise based on market comparisons.

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Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

Easy Prep

Easy prep & setup

SalaryPOP guides you step-by-step through crafting your negotiation proposal while saving your progress along the way.

Communicate your desired salary

Our negotiation proposals allow you to clearly communicate your desired salary as well as any desired change to your job title.

Easy Prep
Easy Prep

Articulate your value

Showcase the value you provide your employer by highlighting your work's significance to the bottom line, both large and small.

Justify using market comparisons

Validate your desired salary by comparing to market salaries of others within a similar role using trusted sources like Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

Easy Prep
Easy Prep

Privacy prioritized

By default your data is accessible to you alone and you control who may view your negotiations on an individual basis.

View a live demo of a completed negotiation proposal.

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